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Aircraft Temporary Lighting: Are you specifying the right product ?

Ericson Manufacturing specializes in aircraft temporary lighting and power solutions. Below are some important tips and factors when specifying and selecting power and lighting for the aircraft maintenance and production applications.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to selecting the right lighting and power solutions. The demands of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance can make this even more difficult. To help in your process, included below is a checklist below of the essentials to consider:

Lighting must be exceptionally bright and emit light in a natural color-temperature spectrum to reveal true colors and reduce eye strain.

Lighting and power solutions must fit into awkward places. That’s why flexible mounting and stands are crucial.

Solutions should be designed to prevent damage to the aircraft and prevent their contamination with foreign bodies.

For safety, solutions should be designed with robust construction and meet stringent OSHA and NEC safety standards.

Choose solutions that include anti-static roller assemblies and static discharge design.Time is money.

Solutions should be easy to use/ergonomic, and fast to set up and take down.

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